51in Cat Tree Tower Condo Furniture Scratch Post for Kittens Pet House Play

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  • Color: navy blue; Material: particle board & plush & sisal rope; Maximum load: 20 kg / 44 lb
  • Overall dimension (approx.): 50 x 50 x 130 cm/ 20 x 20 x 51'' (LxWxH); Round platform dia.: 30.5 cm / 12’’; Big condo (approx.): 45.5 x 28.5 x 24 cm / 18 x 11.2 x 9.5’’ (LxWxH); Small condo (approx.): 28.5 x 28.5 x 24 cm / 11.2 x 11.2 x 9.5’’ (LxWxH)
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Your kitten or cat will love this cat tree with scratching posts—it combines the benefits of an outdoor tree with the safety of indoor cat furniture. Without going outside, your cat can enjoy the same fun of playing and relaxing on the tree! The cat activity tree is made from highly durable particle wood, wrapped with 400g soft plush finish to keep your cats warmed and cozy,multiple scratching posts are covered by natural sisal ropes which is perfect for your cats to scratch, climb, play and become active. Safety precaution anchored to the wall to prevent tippling over and strengthened base ensure more stability and safety.Easy to assemble with included tools and instructions.

  • CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Spot clean soiled areas with mild detergent or soap. Blot rinse and air dry.

    EASY TO INSTALL: The scratching post can be set up in a matter of minutes. Simply follow the instructions.

  • Overall Dimension (Approx.): 20 x 20 x 51'' (LxWxH)
    Big Condo(Approx.): 17.7 x 11.2 x 9.3’’ (LxWxH)
    Small Condo(Approx.): 10.8 x 10.8 x 9.3’’ (LxWxH) 
    Round Platform Dia.: 12"
    Max. Load: 44 lb   

  • Safety Strap

    Stability is always priority. The bottom base is reinforced that ensure its stability of the whole cat tree, anti-toppling fittings are included for double security.

  • Durable Structure-The particle wood platform and stakes assembled provide steady platform for your cat to climb up and down freely.       

  • Natural Sisal Rope Wrapped Scratching Post-Unique handmade natural sisal rope wrapped scratching post for tabby to sharpening her claws for scratching instincts.       

  • Soft Faux Fur Covering-The soft faux fur covering provides cozy platform for your kitten to snuggle.

  • Several Colors

    It is available in several colors, so you can always find one to fit your or your cats’ taste or your room décor.

  • Two Interactive Balls

    The cat condo hangs two fur balls which will add extra fun for cats, and it is strong enough not to be destroyed.

  • Nice Looking

    Its attractive look will compliment any room in your house like a piece of nice pet furniture.

SIZE RECOMMEND: The Max Load Capacity is up to 44 lb, we recommend this activity tree for Small and Medium sized cats rather than Large cats.


- Place your cat tree away from damp areas.

- Place the cat tree on a flat floor against wall corner.

- Children are not allowed to climb or play with this product.

- Check the tightness of screws regularly to ensure safe use.        

- Place the cat tree at a well-ventilated area after unpacking to release the smell.        

- If your cat starts to chew or eat the furry balls or elastic band,  please remove the toys and keep them out of the reach of your cat.

- Parts 13&14 are two piece of cloth,they are not in cube shape, you need to assemble them with four posts.        


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